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About Elizabeth Guinea

Elizabeth is a bilingual therapist that has worked with families and individuals for the last 15 years.  She feels a deep sense of respect for her clients, seeing them as individuals that are facing their problems, and doing something about them.   Elizabeth hopes that when you come to her, she can help you prioritize your goals, as well as what could be the origin and root of those issues.


Elizabeth has had several career moves that she feels make her a more effective counselor, and leader. In 2014, Elizabeth joined the BSFT Institute at the University of Miami as a full-time model manager.She oversaw the development and implementation of several agencies. . Elizabeth taught and supervised dozens of new therapists in NYC, Miami and Arizona.  Before her time in the BSFT Institute, she ran an agency in the southernmost point of the US.  She also owned a private practice in Tampa where she began to individuals and families, ran free groups for military wives and their children, and started a language school for children. 

 As a former military wife, Elizabeth moved several times with her husband.  She is grateful she spent a year in Seoul, where she volunteered running a group with adolescents abusing substances.  Before that time, she was a featured speaker for Simon & Schuster, traveling all over Mexico, analyzing educational programs. At the beginning of her career she worked at an Intensive Outpatient Program, running groups with depressed, anxious and dissociative disorders. 

Past President of her College Honor Society, married for 21 years, co-author of a reading comprehension book, and a volunteer in her community. Elizabeth holds 3 post-graduate studies in Education, Teaching EFL, and Counseling

Would you like to know more about Elizabeth’s career?  Visit her LinkedIn profile

What LMHC Stand For?

L.M.H.C. stands for Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  An LMHC is required to complete a master’s degree in mental health.  I’m licensed by the state of Florida, USA. After completing 1,500 hours of supervised practice as an intern & successfully completing the National Mental Health Counseling Exam, once can apply for licensure.

My Office

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