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Family Counseling

Family Counseling

For the last 8 years, I was a family therapist that managed and supervised family services for non-profit agencies in NYC, Arizona and Miami.  I taught an evidence-based family model, created by the University of Miami to treat adolescents with

  • Family conflict

  • Early substance-abuse

  • Negative interactive patterns

Treatment usually lasts between 8 to 16 sessions, providing the family with clear skills and tools to improve family relationships and connections.




Among other services, usually counseling focuses on interventions such as the following:

  1. Listen and build a level of trust by creating an environment that facilitates the client to tell and describe thoughts, emotions or issues that brought them to counseling;

  2. Assess and organize issues/symptoms

  3. Collaboratively create a plan

  4. Stabilize mood

  5. Alleviate the symptoms that affect the client the most

  6. Look for what’s blocking the client

  7. Work on increasing relapse prevention strategies

  8. Improve coping mechanisms


As a coach, we facilitate clients to identify and follow:

  1. Vision

  2. Identify blocks

  3. Create action plans

  4. Strategies to find motivation

  5. Hold client accountable for achieving goals

  6. 8-12 session packets

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