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Learning the reprocessing of traumatic m
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"In 5 sessions  or less, we can eliminate the feelings of fear, terror or helplessness from a traumatic memory in a

non-traumatizing way"


This is the office space where we would conduct RTM


"Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories Protocol (RTM) is a clinical breakthrough in PTS treatment.  RTM eliminates the symptoms of PTS by restructuring its traumatic imagery.

No drugs or costly equipment are necessary, and the procedure can be completed in less than five hours in a normal therapy room, while the recipients are completely relaxed and comfortable"


























"Since my traumatic experience, I have been waking up every morning having flashback from the painful incident, triggering very uncomfortable stress and anxiety.

I went from loving mornings to fearing mornings as the first thoughts crossing my mind when waking up were dominated by fears created by the incident.


I was fortunate enough to come across Elizabeth who took such great care in helping me understand my situation and introduced me to the RTM protocol.

I am so grateful and will forever be - following the 3 very easy and non painful RTM sessions, I started experiencing immediate improvements.

Regained control of my emotional stability and happy mornings, no more flashback and fears -  most importantly thinking about the event is now just like "thinking about going for a nice walk in a beautiful park."

 "RTM is great in helping to lessen the physical and intense pain of a memory- the memory then has less of a hold over you." 

"I had been experiencing PTSD symptoms for more than 25 years.  I consistently avoided thoughts and images related to the trauma. 


When I met Elizabeth, she introduced me a novel treatment named RTM (Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories).


Interesting  part of RTM method is that exposure to the trauma is not part of the procedure. 


It took 3 sessions for me. 


Now I started expressing my emotions to my family and share the grief with them after really long time.  Elizabeth is attentive and empathic, which helped me to open up to her.  I feel fortunate to get to know about RTM.  Hope this review will help others who walk through difficult experiences."

Brief Protocol

Requires 3-4 individual 

therapy sessions of 90 minutes each


No homework or practice outside the therapy sessions


Method designed so that clients stay comfortable and relaxed through out the entire protocol, and especially while guided through the steps that reconfigure traumatic imagery


After reconsolidation, a traumatic memory is a memory without the fear, terror, helplessness attached.

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